Anne Hampton

Anne Hampton

Meet Anne

Anne Hampton, Avaya, Client Solutions Director

Deliver differentiation via experience innovation and “make it matter” business outcomes.

Impact hundreds of thousands of people doing remote work, everyday.

Me included.   Know, live, thrive, consult, as a highly productive employee doing remote work.  CX and EX count.

Best compliment…“thank you for knowing our business better than we do…and making it great”.

Lifelong learning in human behavior…Certified Customer Experience Professional.

And…Certified as a Design Thinking Practitioner, focused on the HX, human experience factor.

All in…to make the “what if” achievable.  All in to collaborate with you.

And for Fun…I love…my amazing grown children and my almost 90 year old mother and 97 year old aunt… a family of many!

My many kitties Rootie Beer, Mac, Camo, Bitsy, Lovebug (Doodles), and, Fenway our rescue dog…plus Tom Brady now in Florida!

Beach sunrise, everyday…bike rides, everyday…bird songs and butterflies, everyday… and music and painting, always.